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Civil Appellate Law Services in Texas

Attorney workingWhen you have received an unfavorable result at a civil trial but believe a mistake has been made on the part of the judge, it is possible to seek an appeal. An experienced attorney can review your case and help you understand whether the mistake involved an issue of the law, which will then allow you to the right to appeal the decision in a higher court.

Appeals are a special area of the law, and require a lawyer who has the skill set, knowledge base, and experience to develop a strong appeal. The attorneys at the law firm of Bailey & Galyen have more than 35 years of practice experiencing helping people seeking to appeal and also those seeking to enforce a verdict or other ruling. Our appeals practice encompasses our core areas practice.

  • Real estate controversy – Our law firm has represented clients involved in transaction disputes, tenant disputes, real estate trust disputes, boundary disputes, easements and covenants issues, title challenges, and other real property conflicts.
  • Fiduciary issues, including probate and estate legal appeals – If you’ve been through litigation but you believe that the judge erred or there was a mistake made in procedural law, we can evaluate the case and help you understand whether it is appropriate, meaning you have a valid legal basis to file an appeal in a probate or estate dispute.
  • Divorce disputes and family law appeals – Family law appeals occur when one party in the divorce believes that the judge has made errors or a mistake in legal procedure. Any part of a divorce judgment can be potentially be appealed, including child custody or property settlement, for example.
  • Business and corporate law appeals – We are prepared to handle complex corporate and business dispute appeals, including contract disputes, business dissolution issues, and trade secrets litigation.
  • Appeal representation – for trial lawyers in Texas As appellate law is a unique niche in the legal field, trial lawyers may choose to retain an appellate law firm to mount an appeal on behalf of a client.

Contact a Civil Appeals Attorney in Texas

The attorneys at the Texas law firm of Bailey & Galyen have extensive experience representing clients in civil appellate courts throughout Texas. Over the course of 30 years of legal appellate work, our efforts have resulted in landmark decisions that have led to different interpretations of the law.

To find out more about how we can help you and to understand more about whether an appeal is appropriate in your specific situation, please call to schedule an appointment. 855-979-8100. You may also contact us online. Evening and weekend appointments are available at your request.

We respond promptly to all requests, with phone messages received 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Bailey & Galyen proudly serves the State of Texas, including the cities of Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Arlington, Bedford, Grand Prairie, Carrolton, Weatherford, Mesquite and Plano.

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