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Debt Collection

When you or your company is owed money, it is often necessary to turn to the legal system to collect the debt. The attorneys at Bailey & Galyen have the experience necessary to maximize your recovery and minimize your cost while collecting the money your or your business is owed.

If you are owed a debt, Texas law allows a number of pre- and post-judgment collection methods, including:

  • Pre and post judgment garnishment proceedings;
  • Filing lis pendens;
  • Abstracting judgments; and
  • Obtaining turnover orders.

Under the right circumstances, these collection methods may provide a quick and cost-effective mechanism for collecting a debt. The attorneys at Bailey & Galyen can assist our clients in using these methods to collect the debts they are owed. The attorneys at Bailey & Galyen are also experienced in aggressively pursuing post-judgment discovery to uncover a debtor’s assets that may be subject to seizure to satisfy a debt.

With offices in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Houston, and McAllen, to name a few, Bailey & Galyen has the resources to assist you with in collecting the debts your are owed throughout Texas.

When you need experienced legal counsel to aggressively pursue those that owe you money, call our law firm at 855-979-8100, or contact us online, to arrange a consultation. Our business attorneys stand ready to enforce your rights and collect the money that you are owed. Legal Website Services  ATTORNEY ADVERTISING

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