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Out-sourced General Counsel for Small Business Owners

Several years ago a good friend came to me with a problem.  My friend is a small business owner and his problem is one all too common for growing businesses.  But, it is a good problem and, now, an easy one to solve.

My friend started a small business and poured out his heart, soul, sweat, tears, and money to grow the business.  As a result of his efforts, the business grew.  It grew fast and he was experiencing great success.  But, success and growth brought legal issues all growing companies face, and with legal issues come legal fees.

Suddenly, my friend’s company was big enough to need a lawyer on a regular basis, but still too small to afford its own in-house counsel.  Simply put, his business was in need of a lawyer without the usual large attorney fees.

Many small business owners will attempt to solve legal issues on their own when faced with the prospect of paying legal fees – which, unfortunately, usually leads to big legal problems and exorbitant fees.  Good, affordable legal counsel in the beginning can save lots of money and prevent big legal headaches later on.

Knowing that every penny counts when building a small business, we discussed his problem over a long lunch.  We put our heads together, reviewed his budget, and we solved his problem.  I became his “out-sourced general counsel.”  Based upon his budget, we agreed on a set, fixed monthly fee that allowed him to send documents for review and revision, ask for draft contracts and other documents, and to call at any time with a legal question.

Bailey & Galyen is the big firm for small business.  As your “outsourced general counsel,” we will be available to you, help you with all of your legal issues, and customize a fee structure that fits your budget.  We will take the time to understand your business and assist you with every aspect of starting, running, and growing a successful business – without busting your budget.

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