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Business Litigation and Corporate Law

By Michael R. Cramer

Did you know that Bailey & Galyen also has a department dedicated to meeting your needs as a business owner? Bailey & Galyen is uniquely positioned to assist any size company, from mom-and-pop businesses to the largest corporation, with its legal issues.

Our firm can assist with your company’s very beginning by advising you of whether you need a partnership, joint venture, corporation, limited liability company (LLC), professional association or any other type of legal entity. Once your company is formed, we can assist in negotiating and drafting your office lease, employment contracts and sales or service contracts to use with your customers. Our firm is also able to collect your past due accounts receivable from your delinquent clients.

Finally, in the unfortunate circumstance that litigation arises, Bailey & Galyen can handle any size lawsuit, from small-claims court cases and evictions to conflicts in Federal District Court. Our firm has defended hundreds of companies and can also file suit on your behalf when someone fails to honor their obligations to you or your company.

If you are even thinking about starting a new business entity in Texas, call any of our 15 offices and speak to an attorney in the Business Litigation and Corporate Law department. Legal Website Services  ATTORNEY ADVERTISING

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